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Web Design

From high-end corporate to inventive artist sites

Change Orders

Change Orders

I designed and created the Wordpress site for Blake MacLeod, a Vancouver based writer, speaker and consultant.

'Change Orders' is a powerful new book he is completing and he needed a way to communicate with his audience through a blog as well as the sale of merchandise, videos and book chapters.

Best Guitar Pedals

Best Guitar Pedals

An exciting site created to promote specific 'best of' products - in this case, guitar pedals. The site is linked to Commission Junction for online purchases of product.

Cool built-in Wordpress components for managing custom fields, youtube video's and other social media comments.

Abe & Alfred

Abe & Alfred

I was asked to create a fast (four days!) Wordpress site for this amazing documentary from Accompany Productions.

Clean, simple and totally responsive for smart phones and tablets. One neat thing is that the main page video will resize automatically.

Spets Destination Services


Spets Destination Services is one of Vancouver's best DMC's and their site needs to stand up for both their local and international clientele.

I completed a spring 2014 redesign that included updating the site to Wordpress. This, more interactive, database driven site solidifies spets as the solution for DMC, Incentive Programs and Green Meetings in BC.

MPI BC Chapter

MPIBC Chapter

As the administrator for the MPI [Meeting Professionals International] BC Chapter, I implemented a new design and upgraded them to a Joomla based Content Management System.

With banner ad management, photo gallery and newsflash components, MPIBC is able to be a more effective organization for their 200+ members in British Columbia.

Vancouver Moments

Vancouver Moments

Vancouver Moments is the website for local Vancouver photographer Manfred Kraus.

He required an adaptable e-commerce solution to sell his more than 1500 stock photographs, giclee prints, dvd's, posters, t-shirts and fine art. I created a customized Zen Cart e-commerce site for him with multiple photo download sizes linked thru to pay pal.

Just Jazz Quartet

Just Jazz Quartet

I created the site for The Just Jazz Quartet, a well respected group here in Vancouver a half dozen years ago and upgraded it recently.

They have found it to be incredibly helpful in increasing their presence in the market. The simple yet memorable 3D shapes interspersed with band images is something I'm really proud of.

In addition, I created the bands logo and am in the process of creating their promo and marketing package.

"Dave's site vision really helps to define who we are and what we do." Joe Bourchier, Bass - Just Jazz Quartet

Sheryl Greenfield

Sheryl Greenfield

Sheryl was looking for a website that allowed her to showcase her music, sell song downloads, upload photos and videos, and blog about current and upcoming events.

She also needed full design services for her new CD which I supplied.

"Dave created exactly what I didn't know I wanted." Sheryl Greenfield

The RSC Group

The RSC Group

This is the third redesign of rsc.com I have created. The first was back in January 2000. It was the job that got me hired at rsc.

It is a challenging site to maintain as there are many different types of users coming to it. We have a full intranet operating behind this site to keep clients and staff up to date with current versions of documents and information. In 2005, rsc hired outside consultants to upgrade their website as I was being kept busy with selling and supporting the Portal Two product.



spiritsong is the choir for the Center for Spiritual Living in Vancouver. The choir is run by the amazing chanteuse Leora Cashe.

The site is used to promote the choir, and has an intranet for choir members to download the latest versions of lyrics, sheet music and MP3's for each months songs.

Portal 2

Portal Two

This is the website for the web software product suite I co-created and supported for The RSC Group.

It is thru this product that I have honed my skills as a software engineer, working with clients - large and small - to create customized web applications that utilize Portal Two as a presentation platform. It's a good, clean and informative site. Rebranded in 2005 from myEnterprise onLine.

Rebecca Lee


Rebecca Lee is one of the best makeup artists in Vancouver. She works full time doing makeup on films, theatre and weddings.

She needed a simple yet elegant site to quickly inform and draw people to hiring her to do wedding makeup consultations.

I really like the horizontal image gallery to break up the screen and display a lot of images in an inventive and easy way. NOTE: she has since changed her site to blog format



This is the site that got me started in web design back in 1999.

It's gone thru a couple different designs and this one is the best. The actual code for drinkmail was originally written in Perl but I was much happier when I ported it over to ASP and a proper SQL database. Recently it has been ported over to PHP and a mySQl database, giving me more coding training.